States of Matter Rap

Here is a little rap on the states of matter made by me. (Young Zeezy)  The lyrics are below if you need them, hope you like it. I am taking donations… cash or credit will do.  (just kidding)  The instrumentals for the song Break Up by Mario were used in this production.

Its at this link :

It will say click here to start download in a yellow box. Click that, then a window will pop up. Click the bubble that says open with windows media player. Windows media player should open, and you will hear the music.


Man im the solid, the hardest of the pack,

You think I got the most energy, well you just wack.

It begins wit da BEC’s, created by Einstein and his G’s

You get me when matter has absolutely no energy

If you add some heat, yeah its pretty sweet

You get something called a solid, yep thats me.

I got a fixed volume and stay hard all the time, bet you didnt know im this good at rhymes.

If you add more heat for little while, you’ll kill me… but that ain’t a crime.

Ill turn into a liquid and flow away, cuz I’ve had enough of your lame science today.

I go around wit my swag on display, puttin the people like you all to shame

My lifes gotta end some time or another, if you want the truth go ask your mother

When you add a little fire to me, then you also increase the heat

Ill turn into something you can’t always see. Im the state of matter after #3

you think that this next state is my last, well you wrong, cuz im just a gas.

its molecules are free,  like what you wanna be

Or easier put…. just look at me.

This state of matter is my last, im just surprised that you haven’t asked

I be called plasma down in the hood, you might not know me, but you should

My particles are buzzin just like bees, ions and electrons move independently

I am pretty common around your lives, I just hope that you’ll realize

I can be lightning in the sky, or I can even be a neon sign

This is my rap on the states of matter, this one’s gonna make my pockets get fatter.


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